Sell More With Goal Strategies

When the efficacy of yelling and cattle prods starts to wane, it’s time to look for new ways to inspire your employees. Motivating your employees and keeping them motivated is a challenge for all businesses, and tanning salons bring their own special difficulties. Stimulating employees is not an occasional task; it should be embedded into the culture of your organization. Incentivizing the front line sales counter staff is key to the success of your salon, so here are some key questions you can use to measure your employee motivation strategy.

Navigating Through A Declining Customer Base

One of the biggest challenges facing salon owners who want to grow their business is monitoring employee and salon performance and effectively incentivizing their employees.

The tanning business is changing rapidly. What worked in the past, may no longer be effective. To demonstrate, let’s create a theoretical salon owner to demonstrate the point. To protect the innocent, let’s call him Mortimer.

Mortimer had a problem. Like many salon owners, Mortimer was experiencing a declining customer base. He wasn’t sure if it was due to a decline in disposable income from a worsening economy or because of all the negative press surrounding tanning. To make matters worse, his method of incentivizing employees, Per Tanner Average (PTA) was flawed. As fewer and fewer tanners came in the door, PTA averages rose. Since the employee bonuses were tied to PTA, their bonuses went up even though salon revenues were going down.