The Argo was the ship in Greek mythology that delivered Jason and his band of Argonauts rupert companyto safety in their quest for treasure. We chose this name because we view our IT solutions as the conduit for your business’s quest for wealth.

Just as Jason had to complete three specific tasks to earn his treasure, so must businesses. Tanning Salons need help achieving three tasks: save time, increase sales and reward and retain employees. Argo recognizes the impact of all three areas on profitability and has a solution for their improvement.

At Argo Networks, we believe that with the right IT solution, we can help your business vastly improve its sales and operations. We’ve witnessed this with several large and small tanning salon businesses.

The largest pain point we have seen was the inefficient and time-consuming way owners had to collect sales data individually from each site. To address this, we developed a software product called Salon360 that allows owners and managers to collect and review sales information from all their locations at once in real time.

Learn more about Salon360 and how it can improve your business’s operations.